Personal Budgets – starts at $50

  • A personal budget allows you to understand your personal financials. A personal budget comes in a 12 month program that allows you to track your income, expenses, and savings goals for you to make the proper adjustments and help you manage your money. We work with each client to understand their needs and goals to create a customized budget for them.

Personal Budget Tracking – starts at $10 per month

  • Personal budget tracking is where we meet once a month to discuss your budget and answer any questions you have. We will review your budget each month that is requested and provide recommendations and financial tips to assist you on your path to financial freedom.

Small Business Budgets – starts at $100

  • A small business budget looks at the financial health of the company. It helps business owners prepare for monthly expenses and make proper adjustments to maximize profits while minimizing cost. We will review the financial health of the company and create a budget based on income and spending behavior of the company.

Small Business Budget Tracking – starting at $20 

  • Small business budget tracking is just like personal tracking except it is for the business financials.

Small Business Accounting – Starting at $100 per month

  • Keeping up with your daily transactions are important. It can also be time consuming. We offer a way for me to monitor your books for you and ensure you are paying the proper taxes for your business. We will teach you how to understand the various transactions, how to classify them, and how to use the financial data to make sound business decisions. Cost for this service depend on the size of the firm and the number of transactions that occur monthly.

Business Plans – starting at $750

  • A business plan is a blueprint for any business. Whether the business is starting new or is established, a business plan can help a business recognize their market, customers, products/services, and their financial goals.

Marketing Plans – starting at $300

  • A marketing plan helps a company understand what strategies they will take to effectively market to their clients. This is a great way to increase sales and market presence.

Credit Repair – starting at $300

  • Credit is king. Whether it is to restore personal credit or establish business credit, we can assist. Personal credit- we focus on your current financial standing and your future desired credit standing. We work to eliminate all negative items, build credit where needed, and reduce credit card debt. For business credit, we work on establishing business credit and helping you to maintain a business profile to separate your personal from your business.

Financial Seminars – starting at $50 an hour

  • We do financial seminars that teach marketing, business plans, credit, and budgeting. To request The Success GPS to speak at your event, please contact us to gather more details for accurate pricing.

Résumé Writing – starting at $30

  • Whether you are revamping your resume or constructing a resume, we can help.

Cover Letter Writing – starting at $30

  • Cover letters are sometimes required or are a great assist to the resume. Cover letters present who you are before the resume.

Mock Interview – starting at $35 an hour

  • Some people have interview anxiety or have a tough time answering questions, we can assist. We walk you through the entire interview process, help you with learning how to think quickly on your feet, and answer difficult questions. We make you stand out amongst other individuals.